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Sandy reels back at the sight of Pitch, finally catching the Boogeyman after failing to track him down before Christmas. The fact that he could not find Pitch made him upset, he usually tracked his brother Guardian down without trouble, but it looked like Pitch didn’t want to be found during that particular time, and Sandy had no other choice but to respect that wish.

He still couldn’t help but worry, but he floated over and smiled. He placed a tiny box in Pitch’s hand and floated back a bit to let the Boogeyman open it and see what was inside. The box was gold, with glitters and tied around it was a ribbon in the dark shade of mustard. He clapped silently, waving for Pitch to open it. “:D!”

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Thalia frowned and slightly tilted her head in confusion. “Your images are always the best,” the young Guardian slipped in the little compliment. She looked at it. There was two figures above her friend’s head. “That’s you, right?” Thalia proudly announced. “Hmm.” It was hard for her to guess who was the other figure. “Wait!” she interrupted. “There’s a kid. He’s laying down - no! Sleeping? The kid’s sleeping?” Thalia paused to ask for confirmation from her friend.

“That looks like a girl,” Thalia rubbed her chin whilst pointing at the other figure next to figure-Sandy. “Why are you holding hands with that girl?” Thalia began reverting the topic into something else before realizing what she had done. “Do you have a crush on this girl?” Thalia snickered.

Sandy nodded happily when Thalia got the first few answers right, but he panicked and quickly shook his head when she mentioned if he had a crush on the figure beside him. No, no, no! That answer was incorrect. Oh my goodness!

He blushed slightly. Thalia was going to find out who that figure was soon, but he wasn’t exactly sure how to answer her question about his attraction to the other figure. Well, he did love Thalia of course, just as he loved all his friends (Pitch included), but he’s never had any romantic relationships with anyone. Nor did anyone ever ask him the simple question of having any feelings for anyone. It was strange, but it gave him a tingly feeling.

He calmed down after realizing that he began flailing his arms, and coughed silently. Alright, time to try again. Sandy sighed, gesturing to Thalia before pointing above his head where the word ‘help’ was spelt, and then he pointed at himself. He smiled then, hoping that she would get it now. The Guardian of Dreams tilted his head slightly, admiring the other’s eyes.

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I was watching Sandy all along.

Sandy, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink.

No, fuck you. I haven’t had too much to drink. The drinks had too much of me. They can’t handle me, bro. They can’t handle the swag. They. CAN’T—//snores

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and Sandman’s just like

And then there’s Sandman

sandman, forever alone

((No voice actor could handle that much swag.))

If Sandy spoke there’ll be a 99.9% chance that the world might end. Guys, I thought we’ve been through this. He’s Buddha Satan. He has a legion of voices that can emit a widespread shockwave across the world and destroy the Great Wall of China in one hit. Tsunamis will rage over cities and hurricanes will destroy everything. He will literally fuck our shit up. I think we should let him stick to charades. It’s late. I should go to bed. What am I saying? I love life, guys. I should go to bed.

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The elf is like, “Oh shit!”


The elf is like, “Oh shit!”

This is my center: Sandy
This is my center: Sandy

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IMG_7471 (- c.coello)


IMG_7471 (- c.coello)

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Know Your Moons at Shirt.Woot
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